Interior Design


Make that delayed makeover finally happen.

Designer homes are now affordable and available from the comfort of your home or office. Di’vaiz Studio is an e-design global platform offering bespoke interior design services online. It is an effective combination of designer guidance coupled with value. It helps once take the guesswork and errors out of a design process and provides one with an efficient and affordable interior designer space.
Founded by Namita Parekh, a graduate from Cornell University, USA and has more than a decade of work experience
in the fields of architecture and interior design.
Di’vaiz Studio’s aim is to provide you with a designer space at a fraction of cost.1

Design Process

The design process starts with taking an online style quiz.
This is followed package selection and by having you state your requirements, budget and measurements of your space. Based on the data provided, the designer proposes some initial themes and looks, based on the chosen package with add-ons like shopping lists, etc before handing over the final deliverable. Turn around for their services is a mere 2-5 weeks.

e:dEsign Packages

  1. Decor Package: This package guides with color schemes, suggestive material palette,
    furnishings, accessories purely meant to decorate a space: curtains, cushions, artifacts, paintings, etc.
    to get the new look!
  2. Layout Package: This package guides with furniture arrangement and space planning to accommodate
    evolving needs and preferences for the way in which space gets utilized
  3. Complete Package: This package guides with spatial changes along with the decor of the space.
    This package is for a complete revamp!

To compliment these packages there a la carte options which allow you to customize as per your needs.